Draniei: Following.Mature

I had been walking for some time now, following Bright. I had no clue where we were going so I just kept on thinking about the memories I got back. Who was the old man? Who was that woman? Who was that man in red? What is Zeritai? Where are my other butterflies? It seemed there were more questions than answers. I frowned.

But, I looked up from my feet and saw what looked like a destroyed city in the distance. And when I say destroyed, I mean destroyed. There was hardly a piece intact, bricks were shaken apart, towers and buildings had fallen, trees had been uprooted. This place was a disaster zone. And as I continued walking Bright flew to my shoulder, and landed there.

"So, this is where you wanted me to go."

I continued walking, but then I felt the crunch of wood beneath my feet. I looked down and lifted my foot. It was a sign, and what I saw on the sign seemed to trigger a memory.

"'Welcome to Cynthia.'" I read, looking at it with awe.

"I will protect this passage with my Spirit Token. You remember Zeritai? He'll keep this place safe, he's pretty much indestructible, but if they do manage to kill him, they end up killing me. But, Creator's orders."

"Yeah, Agwe, heh, I remember him, one of the few Spirit Token's able to change shape. So, you'll be stationed in this passage under Cynthia forever?"

"Yep, that's what it seems like. If you don't mind, Draniei, I'd like to keep one of your Spirit Tokens in the passage."

"Sorry, but I'll be storing memory in them. And they have my power, I can't give them to you."

"How about one, please Draniei, just one?"

I smile, "Fine, but only one. You can grab Healing's Night when I'm asleep."

"Thank you! Thank you so much! I'll let Zanduil protect it."

"Zanduil?! Your dragon?! Well, how would I get past him?"

Then, his voice stops working, the shapes change and the fog sets in. I blink twice and I am again standing over the burnt sign. I shake my head and start walking again. I decide to explore the ruins of Cynthia and possibly find the secret passage, wherever it leads.

So, I look around, tossing around rubble, walking over fallen buildings, looking into alleys and down roads. As I started walking further into the city I saw more and more dead bodies. A feeling of foreboding crept upon me as I continued to walk around. Then, I heard a growl, low at first, so low that I didn't think much of it. But then, there was a roar and a bounding flash as a large creature with teeth jumped down from the rubble.

I start running, not knowing exactly where to go, but just running away from it, whatever it was. I was not interested at becoming lunch. So, I ran, I ran quickly, but not as quickly as I would have liked, because the creature was gaining on me. Then, I saw something almost incredible. Stairs. I noticed a small group of people, though they were fighting a large beast that I somehow seemed to recognize.

As I ran deeper, one looked at me with almost annoyance, I ran past him and I heard a crunch and a squeal. I stopped running and I turned around to see the toothed beast black with char.

"You are an elemental."

The man turned to me.

"Who are you? What are you doing here?"

I held out my hand, "my name's Draniei Malachite, God of Healing. I am here to find one of my Spirit Tokens, things like this one," I point at Bright, "and possibly find Agwe and his Spirit Token, Zeritai."

When he didn't shake my hand I put it down. Then he spoke.

"I am Kirikai. That is Zeritai," he said pointing at the large beast engulfed in fire, "welcome to the group, I guess."

"He's only dangerous because either Agwe has gone insane, or he thinks you guys are grave robbers."

"Fool! He is a sentinel of our kind! The hierarch will die otherwise."

"Well, then the hierarch will die. The world is ending my friend. I am a failsafe."

"So what do we do about the beast?"

"I don't know. I don't remember." I shook my head. "But I refuse to fight him."

The End

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