Maybe I'm A DemonMature

Mikiko was now in an incredibly foul mood. First, Mister Flame Guy, or Kirikai, hurts her pride by knocking her to the ground the day before, then people destroy the city, and finally, Mister Flame Guy pretty much summons a demon god to cleanse the world...

Mikiko was beyond upset. She was downright mad. She'll deal with Mister Flame Guy later (a good blast of lightning where the sun won't shine would definitely improve her mood once this was all over), but first, priorities: send this thing back to Hell where it belongs.

She whistled at Zeritai, forcing it to draw attention to her (and coincidentally saving Claire's life), and when she saw that its eyes were squarely on her, she gave it the finger, making Zeritai incredibly mad.

"How dare you, you little bitch!" It roared, slamming a fist of lava against the ground right near Mikiko, who dodged neatly out of the way with a sideways roll.

"It's true, I'm a bitch," Mikiko smiled back. "And so are you."

"Hold that insolent tongue of yours!" Zeritai sent a wave of lava at her, but she jumped into the air, surrounding herself in wind to keep aloft, then landed on solid ground, still smiling.

"What, the truth hurt, Burnie?" She laughed at her little joke. Then she got all serious. "Now, I'll give you this one chance: get your ugly ass back through that gate, or I'll send you back myself so hard you won't be able to sit down for a month! It's your call, pal."

Zeritai responded by bringing both arms above his head and bringing them down where Mikiko was standing, forcing her to dodge out of the way, but this time it was a little too close: her vest and hakama pants having been lit aflame in certain areas. Mikiko patted them down and killed the flames before answering with a smile: "I'll take that as a no."

She snapped her fingers and a bolt of lightning slammed right into Zeritai's head, causing it to reel back, a mixture of surprise and rage upon its face. Mikiko smirked at it. "That's what you get for messing with the Wolf Demon of Wind and Lightning, you ugly motherf-"

Before she finished her sentence, Zeritai was back up, and slammed the stone platform which she was standing on with its elbow, and Mikiko was sent flying, landing on her head against a pillar. Zeritai then pursued her, and she was completely on the defensive. Mikiko's smile turned into a look of concern. "Uh, guys... I COULD USE A LITTLE HELP HERE!"

The End

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