Draniei: AwakeningMature

Meanwhile, in an ocean far away, there lay sleeping, a man. And as he slept a ring began to fall towards him, and it landed on his outstretched hand. And just as the ring was about to float away, the man clenched his hand. He then opened his eyes and breathed in a breathful of water. The pain was excruciating, like swallowing fire. He rolled over and tried to get up, but instead fainted.

After some time passed, this same man opened his eyes and he was on land. He started coughing, the water exiting his lungs with the same pain. But now, at least, he could breathe. He looks around and sees a beautiful beach, with white sands and a gentle ebb and flow of the tide. He tries to stand up, unsuccessful at first, after he tries a second time he manages it. He straightens out his clothes, they seem to be dry for some reason or another. But, he can't remember a thing.

"Who am I?"

He notices a messenger bag around his shoulder and he opens it. Inside he sees many trinkets and dried herbs and the such. He also sees a stone butterfly. Intrigued he grabs it and holds it before his face. It is delicate, and looks exactly like a butterfly would look like, it was unusually light and looked as if it would shatter at a breath. But, he noticed it has golden writing along the wings, it was beautiful, curvatious, and elegant. It read: Healing's Bright.

"Healing's Bright?"

Then, he blew on it. He didn't know why, but he did. And when he did the stone looked as if it was melting. Thinking he had broken it beyond repair he dropped it, except middrop it fluttered and flew. And now that he saw it, it was a beautiful butterfly, a real one, about two inches across. It was white and green, and then settled upon his head. Then, memories came flooding back.

He was in a grand castle talking to an old man who he recognized for some reason.

"Draniei Malachite, here's your assignment. You are a failsafe, when they need you're help you will awaken."

"How will I wake up?"

"This enchanted ring, it will find you when they need you, perhaps you should give it to Aurora."

The shapes changed and fogged then a different scene. He was in a forest, on a tree stump talking to a woman.

"So, what's with the butterflies, Draniei?"

"A couple things, they give me my power: Bright gives me my healing powers, Night gives me my defensive powers, and Might allows me to use my powers without going through intense pain. I also store my consciousness in them, they're me. They have my memories and my energy. Lastly, they're like wishes, if there's something I really want, I can sacrifice one and get a wish, but I can't wish for more butterflies."

The scene fogged and the shapes changed again. I was in a large hallway with an old man wearing a red robe.

"I will protect this passage with my Spirit Token. You remember Zeritai? He'll keep this place safe, he's pretty much indestructible, but if they do manage to kill him, they end up killing me. But, Creator's orders."

Then everything changed, I blinked and I was on the beach again, with the butterfly fluttering around me. I looked at my right hand and saw the ring on my ring finger. I had no clue what it was for, except waking me up, so I looked up at Bright.

"Well then, where should we go Bright?"

I waited for an answer, then Bright started fluttering North-West. And I started following him to wherever he was showing me.

The End

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