Terrified and ConfusedMature

I wasn't sure what was going on, but next thing I knew I was running for my life with a bunch of near strangers. Lava was gushing out of the hole in the ground and this large thing was rising up out of the ground. Snow tried  to fight it but was now barely conscious. I ran to him and held him up. 

"Snow, can you hear me?" No response. I dragged him away and put a shield of ice over him. Not much protection, but something. I looked back. I should probably help the others, but I never really had any practice fighting with my powers. I guess I would start now. I ran towards the monster and threw an ice spike at it. It disintegrated in midair. I had to get closer. I pole vaulted towards it, and before I could land on the lava I stabbed an ice dagger into its back. I sent veins of ice through the creature but it was hard to keep the ice solid. Suddenly, a geyser of boiling hot water shot out and blasted me back.

"Aaahh!" I used the water to slow my fall and stood up. The geyser had scalded my arms but nothing too serious. I saw out of  the corner of my eye that one of the others was about to get slammed with a fiery fist.

"Watch out!" I used a jet of water to push them backwards. Unfortunately, the monster turned its attention towards me.


The End

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