I did not know what to do.  Snow was in a heap on the ground.  Zeritai's cannon arm came around to face the ground.  I could hear whispering.   The gun began to give off a green glow.  The sounds of lost souls and death began to turn to shreiks of agony and sorrow.  The raging of the damned ecohed in my ears.  The nightmare that was this spawn of doom and destruction was going to kill.  Kill all.

I realized the others had already gone forward.  Ready to fight to the death.  I quickly joined them.  The cannon was oozing lava.  Ready to fire.

I could see the dark flames as they licked the barrel of the gun.  I forced the earth straight up.  BOOM!  The giants gun went off as my wall of rock built up from the stairs into the cannon at the same time.  A black and green orb was lobbed out into the sky, exploding into a shockwave that stretched at least a mile across the atmosphere.  Zeritai let down his guard for a second.  Long enough to let me hit him with another earth spike.  This one hit him in the crotch,  it did not do as much damage as I hoped.  But it sent him staggering back a bit.  The one named Claire was already helping up the semi conscious Snow.  I charged forward twoard the two people.  The ground was trembling as Zeritai regained footing and walked forward.


The End

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