"He's awakening."  Kirikai said.

as the a heavy evil power sought to crush us.

"Who?"  I yelled my voice also seeming to be restricted by the power. I felt as if I couldn't breath. 

"Zeritai." Kirikai said.

"Who?" I asked in ignorance.

"The master of fire!" A voice that belong to none of us who stood here helpless to the abundance of power.

"Run!" Kirie screamed as the gate continued to open with vengeful heat that turned the stone before it into lava. Then the fire receded like leviathan breathing in. That's when I noticed I wasn't running, I was far too scared. The gates were blasted open with a vicious outburst of flame. At the same time I yelled at myself," MOVE!!!" 

However I didn't but Surith the newcomer I barely knew created a wall of earth the took most of the impact of the flames. At that point i was able to shatter the fear which had restricted me.

"Come on everyone lets go!" I yell pushing everyone towards the stairs. Everyone began to run even though awestruck by the massive power that this foe beheld as another breath was drawn in. Kirikai however was the last to follow as he too stood in awe.  The canyon quickly turned red as the chamber below filled with  a river of lava. The temperature rose to nearly unbearable limits as the heat rised from the liquified rock.

"Why do you mortals run, when all that stands before me will turn to ashes!" The voice boomed.

"Keep running!"  I shout not caring how powerful this guy was I was going get us all out and living, there just no way we could die now ever!

"Fools!" The voice boomed as the rocks that we stood on began to liquify," Your nothing but flies to me, you might think your staying alive on your own terms but honestly I'm just toying with you!"

Ahead the stairs were liquifying into humanoid form probably Zeiritea or whoever was trying to kill us to head us off.

"Out of the way! None of us are going to die on such a day!" I yelled bringing my right hand up concentrating on forming ice it was hard but I  dropped the temperature in the room stopping the lava at the moment, and covered the humanoid form in ice.  We ran past him but the ice was already starting to melt as Kirikai came through.

"We're reaching the surface!" Mikiko said excitedly.

" Good!"  I replied glad that maybe our chances on survival were growing.

The ground rumbled as a plume of steam and air came from below us my hopes were blasted away like a bullet to a glass vase.  Things suddenly got bright, and the sounds of death grew near but up ahead was the surface, it was the only thing. Everything seemed to disappear as I focused on reaching the surface. It got closer with each moment, the impossible happened as the red lava and steam gained even closer as we shot out of the crack in the surface of the earth. Even though we narrowly escaped deaths grip we still ran far from the fires from below. We stopped a distance away out of breath and sweating heavily.

"That can't be all of it." Kirikai uttered all of our thoughts.

"It better be." I muttered pretty exhausted panting.

"It isn't." Mikiko said quietly breathing quite normally.

" Then should we run?" Claire suggested.

"I don't think it matters how far we run." Surith said.

"Then we fight!" I say standing up even though I was out of breath, and exhausted from trying to suppress fire, and lava alone.

" How?" Kirie asked.

"Beyond me." I said as the ground from the cavern exploded out wards spewing lava, and earth everywhere as if it was volcano.

"He's here." Kirikai said quietly somehow audible through the destruction around us.  Behind us I felt the impact of something living, but something that was to big to be any living thing. The same fear ran through me but this time I was not going to stand in awe, I turned around to face him!

"Fight me? ridiculous I will obliterate you off the face of the world!" Zeritai said his voice reverberating through the destroyed city. He had taken on the form of a two legged flaming giant with wings, a mouth with the shape of a dragons, an arm with claws the size of small building , and the other arm a canon with fire concentrated within it, he was also covered in flames.

" Better than surrendering, and a lot more honourable than running!" I replied as ice began to form around me, and cover me like a protective armour. Without even letting the others know I charged! A sword of ice began to form white mist as the water condensed. In the air I willed the water to condense as well forming a massive fog which was being burned away by the flames Zeiritai was forming but it was enough as my left arm direct thousands of icicles to fire at him as made an ice path below me to speed me up. With the momentum I was gaining I made a ramp to meet the impossible strong being in the face.  With both hands around the hilt I slice down, Zieritai responded immediately to both attacks by quickly melting the icicle projectiles I had created and blew an enormous fire ball to meet me in mid air.

I closed my eyes as my sword met the fireball, I could feel the intense heat burning through my ice armour but I also felt myself falling not being forced back by the strength of the fire ball. With little though I created more ice to fight the fires that seeked to turn me into ash my sword had melted but I was still sailing towards Zeritai's shoulder. His evil orange eye stared at me with contempt and shock that I was not even injured from his attack.

I screamed a battle cry as I used the ice that protected me to shape  large serrated lance big enough for Zeritai to use as his weapon, with all my willpower and physical strength I pushed the tip of the serrated of the lance through his shoulder the fires that consumed zeritai licked at the lance but not ondce did the ice melt as It plunged deep into his chest.   With the ice that had not been submerged into his body I transformed into a large sword that I could wield, and the remain ice I sent into his eyes to temporarily blind him. I landed on his shoulder breathing heavily, and darkness was beginning to close in on my consciousness, I was reaching my limit already.

"Mortal scumbag playing cheap tricks with me!" Zeritai fumed shaking me off, I had not the strength to fight staying on his shoulder so I fell but in one last attempt to critically wound him I stabbed at his back the sword plunged deep into his flaming hide. Dark blood oozed from the wound as continued to fall holding onto the hilt of the blade.  He screamed in pain from the two attacks but I could tell this was not the end of the fight for him, but was indeed for me as the swords hilt snapped and I fell to the ground losing consciousness.


The End

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