Oh no, she didn’t just do that! I thought, slapping my forehead with my palm. I slowed my pace to stand just between Kirikai and Mikiko. She looked all fired up and ready for a fight whilst Kirikai was confounded.

“Kirie, what are you doing here and with her?” he asked, his face contorting with displeasure. “Are you alright after what happened?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I said shifting uncomfortably as Mikiko’s face was almost on my own, trying to get past me to get at Kirikai again. I was surprised that she had been able to locate him in this almost cavernous and forgotten space. It was an aperture in the ground with a silver staircase leading to the bottom like an opening to hell alluring the passersby into coming in. “I could ask you the same thing brother. What are you doing here?” I looked around me and noticed the walls of this space were ancient and filled with carved symbols. The gate before us was radiating with light and held behind its enclosed door the promises of doom and destruction.

“That is none of your business and I’d appreciate it if you walk out the way you came in,” he responded annoyed and vexed at the interruption.

“My boyfriends are none of you business but you insist in meddling with my personal life,” I mused, turning my head to find some meaning of these symbols. Everything fell in perfect sense; Kirikai wasn’t just called by the Hierarch out of diplomacy but to unleash a supreme power that could cover the face of the Earth with destruction and flames: Zeritai.

“It’s too dangerous for you to be here,” he was adamant on me leaving.

“What have you done Kirikai?” I asked in a constricted voice that came out as a whisper. I was choking with my own words and feelings toward everything that was happening before my eyes. Suddenly I wished to be back home, in our retreat from the harmful world out there. “What’ve they made you do?!” My voice was a pitch higher, slightly demanding and infuriated.

“Nobody forced me to do anything,” he said, averting his eyes from mine. “It was long decided by fate to offer me to be the key to the enigma.”

“I always hated the fact that you talk with enigmas and puzzles,” I fumed, taking a firm hold of his arm, “for once talk without all those layers covering the truth! I am your sister, I deserve to know!” By this time, Snow and Claire were already making their descent down the steps, their expressions full of awe and perplexity. 

From above, the survivors of death were howling the departure of their loves ones, cherishing the remnants of the ones who left us. From behind the gate, a low growl resonated and a heavy veil of energy fell upon us.

“He is awake,” Kirikai murmured.

My heart was caught in his words, my eyes darted at the slowly opening gates not ready to face the newly unleashed threat.

The End

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