Wind and FireMature

Mikiko gently let "Mr. Fly Guy" on the ground. It felt nice to use her powers again. The rush of wind, the raw might of lightning... it set her apart from every one else. Now she found herself surrounded by people with similar powers... but none of them knew what it was like to be truly singled out... to be called a "Demon", to have the very word "Demon" branded upon her flesh... the pain of the memories rushed back into her, and she struggled to remain focused.

Then she knew something. "Everybody, stand back a bit... I need room."

Snow stared at her strangely. "What are you-"

The winds suddenly howled towards Mikiko, and she smelled the air as it surrounded her. She was looking for someone...

Then a familiar scent graced her nostrils. The scent of fury, barely restrained. Mister Flame Guy.

"Hey, everybody! See ya later! Going to slap Mister Flame Guy!" With that, she got down on all fours, and ran off. Kirie looked at her immediately and ran after her.

"Hey! You found my brother! Don't just leave me here!"

Snow and Claire stared at each other. "How the hell did she do that?"


Kirikai was almost done releasing Zeritai from his prison, when he heard the sound of a four legged animal... or at least, what sounded like a four legged animal if it had human hands and feet. He turned and standing right there, a mere two feet away, was Mikiko.

"What do you want, demon girl? Can't you see I'm busy?"

Mikiko smiled. "Oh, just here to return something."

"But... I didn't give you any-"

"BITCH-SLAP!!!" Mikiko shouted as she smacked Kirikai right across his face with her palm, causing him to nearly lose his balance (mostly out of surprise rather than force). He stared back at Mikiko angrily.

"Oh, you did NOT just do that."

The End

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