Was what had happened true?  Did the city go up in flames like that!  Missles, Bombs, Gunfire had leveld the city to half it's size.  I shook my head.  Senseless killing  inraged me.  I charged twaord the city at breakneck speed.  I Could feel a small pocket of lava boiling under me.  As i reached the remaining bits of the wall, I caused a uproar of lava.  I stopped it below the 6 by 7 area of land under me.  Steam built up.  I kept the earth below me.  Then I released.  BLAM!  The steam through me into the sky.  At that very second a blast of light flew upwoard out of a hole in the city.  I turned.  Landing on the top of the city walls.  I looked across the once great metropolis that now burned in the fires of injustice. 

     Who dare attack a neutral city.  I thought.  I felt a vibration under me.  The wall was crumbling.  I let out a yelp as I jumped off the edge.  Wind whistled by as I plumeted downward.  The fall would most likely kill me.  I concentrated on the ground.  A blast of concrete moved up.  I gunted as I smashed into the ground.  The pain was minimal.  This much useage of my powers weakened me.  The light shown brighter. I grinned.  "Time for some air surfing."  I used what little strength I had to knock away some of the rock used to hold me up.  My legs were wobbly.  But I could still stand.  The concrete below me dismounted. 

I was flying(not so gracefully)now!  I managed to fly just right.  Crashing through the sky was new to me.  A grand new feeling.  I needed to land.  How to end this challanging delema.  Unfortunatly no reply came.  12 meters till crash.  15 seconds to stop myself.  Suddeny my rock slab I had used flew ahead of me I looked down  suspended in the air.  I slowly drifted down.  Caried by a invisible vortex.  I looked directly below.  I could see people.  One must have created the vortex that carried me down.  Could it be?  The diplomats!

The End

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