The first step into a long forggotten worldMature



The decision was hard to call, but I finally agreed to Kirie's demands. We needed all the power we could get especially if they could control flames.

"Alright. We'll go. But first we need to find the entrance."

"Thank you." Kirie responded.

"Don't thank me, who knows, what is down there." I say walking past the two. I was in pain and it wasn't helping that my mind was filling with the past again, my own powers were trying to kill me. My body temperature was dropping. I had felt it many times, once my own body froze my own blood the same way I.....  I looked at my my left arm the crystal was cracked from the drop in temperture. I repaired the cracks with the ice. It was better not the others to not see my left arm.

Mikiko was on all four jumping on various pieces of rubble, she looked happy, but at the same time there was pain in her unusual eyes. Even though we have only known her for ten minutes I found the girl strange, almost animal like, also Immature. I didn't matter to me much, I just wondered why she was like that. She dropped to the ground, and sniffed.

"Someone is up ahead." She said with distaste as I stared that she could smell someone.  I was given this feeling she didn't trust us much, and disliked humans.

"Thanks." I say normally. Then stopping seeing ice creeping up my leg as the blood became slush in the arteries in my leg.

"Snow?" Kirie asked behind me.  I forced water to come out of the ground, and made it boil," What's going on?"  The pain was to much to even give response as I forced the water across the ice melting it instantly, I fell to the ground as I once again had to justify to my powers why I wanted to live, and why I should live.

"What's wrong with him?" Mikiko asked slightly amused as I thrashed about on the ground.  Kirie got down beside me and held me down.

"Snow, whats happening?"

" My past, my conscience doesn't like what I have down." I manage to say quickly as the pain went away. 

"What did you do?" She asked, as I stopped thrashing about.

"Something I won't share with anyone." I mutter standing up. After that we continued in almost perfect silence. Say for Mikiko who was jumping from debris to another piece of debris. Up ahead was the entrance to the cataclysm, and there stood a girl, with pink hair. Something was familiar about her, I could feel it in my stomach. It was very uncanny. 

"Hey, are you Okay Mrs pink hair!" Mikiko yelled. She turned around looking for a small child only to see the strange girl on all fours.

"Erm yeah, I think so." She said.

"That's good, are you going down? We are! you should come!" Mikiko was sure enthuisastic.

"Erm." She looked at me and Kirie.

"Hi, my names is Snow."

"Mine is Kirie."

"And I'm Mikiko."

" My name is Claire. I think we should get out of here I saw someone in red armour get taken in by of dust. It was evil and he......"

" That's Kirikai!" Kirie said, "My brother we have to follow him."

" I don't think you understood what I said..." She began to say but I cut her off. 

"We're all people who have the ability over elements. I think we can handle anything that is down there." I say forming as the air around me turns to water in demonstration.

"You can control water to?" 



The End

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