Beneath the ruins of CynthiaMature


We heard moans from several survivors of the cataclysm but none of them from the higher echelons of power. We continued looking for them, refusing to think they were all dead. The nations would fall into the clutches of anarchy and terror will reign their every day life. The thought of it made me shudder, I wasn't much into what was going on in the world surrounding me, but peace had always been something primordial to the continous existance of humankind.

Just then, I saw a young girl sitting among debris and ashes, hugging her legs to her body and burying her face in her arms. She was sobbing, her shoulders shaking slightly. I felt pity for her and rush to her side to place an arm gingerly around her shoulder.

"Hey, everything will be fine," I murmured words of comfort in her ears to assuage her restless heart. "We are survivors, war is written by survivors we will make sure our story doesn't go untold." I rubbed her back and she looked up at me with big, innocent eyes, "I am Kirie, tell me your name." She looked younger than me, probably she was, there was a mark on her arm, unintelligible symbols scribbled on it.

"My name is Shindou Mikiko," she whispers, then looks at me playfully, "I remember you, you are Mr. Flame Guy's sister!"

I was baffled at her sudden statement, then recovered myself by offering her a smile. "His name is Kirikar," I explained, "and yes, he is my brother." My mind reeled back at him and wondered whether he was safe or not. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Snow walk up to us.

"Hey, who is that?" he asked with a sliver of hope in his voice.

"I am Shindou Mikiko," she announced, jumping to her feet, "I control the wind/lightning."

Snow nodded, "good, Mikiko I do hope you are qualify enough to fight because we will need all the elementals we can get to join this battle to find the culprit of such a crime."

Mikiko nodded fervently, "I can't wait to catch the wrongdoers."

"Snow," I said, consternation in my voice, "Kirikai, I am worried about him, where could he be?"

"I believe he is strong," Snow reassured me, "he is safe, somewhere."

I nodded, suddenly strange thoughts clouded my mind, teachings from the Hierarch and Kirikai from my younger times. There was a prophecy, or that was what I thought of it, a legend foretelling Cynthia succumbing to destruction and misery which only an ancient magic could free it from it. A light emanating from the ancient city in which Cynthia had been built on was the answer and a human life sacrifice was the price to pay for.

My heart skipped several beats as realization struck my conscience. Everything was clear now, that life was meant to be Kirikai. My head spin with unclear ideas and my body was feeling numb. My legs gave in as I stumbled on my way toward Snow, clutching his arm before I fell on the ground.

"Kirikai, we must save him!" I said, frightful that he might be gone, "Cynthia was built upon an ancient city, we must find its entrance, it is somewhere beneath the ruins of Cynthia..."

"Kirie, what are you talking about?" Snow asked, "we must look for the ones who did this!"

"Trust me," I pleaded, tugging at his sleeve, "I cannot let my brother die, if he dies I will be left alone in this world." Tears welled in my eyes as I thought of Kirikai, wishing he wasn't foolish enough to bear everything on his shoulders.

The End

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