The GateMature

A soft boom echoed and my heavy eyes opened. I looked around and saw a sloppy face, wires extended from it's forearm, keeping my body clenched and immobile. My eyes closed again and I felt the world disappear.

Time passed and I woke up again. My weak eyes opened and I looked upon my captor. It moved through the darkness and into the white light, four meaty extensions opened and revealed a man in a suite. He walked out, revealing veins running from the thing to his back. I tried to yell, but only a whisper came out "Release me!"

The man touched his meaty face and chuckled. The thing behind him vibrated, shaking the earth. You will release me! 

He growled "I will not release you until I have said what is needed. I have chosen you above all others, you." The ground shook with his last word.

What is he?!

He spoke with a voice deeper then before "I am Zeritai, a sentinel of your kind. You are here because the Heirarch will die unless you act soon."

My body started filling with warmth. With fists clenched, I growled "Release me now!" 

The cables squeezed my body harder and lifted me into the air. I felt something familiar in my brain. A thought yelled Burn him, now!

Flames engulfed my body and the cables slackened. I fell to the floor and landed on one knee. A newfound strength started spreading through my body and my flames started turning blue. I yelled "Why did you restrain me?!"

Zeritai growled "I did not know how you would react to me... if you refused then I could let you go. If not, you may not stop until death claimed you and you are useless to the Heirarch dead."

I stood up and growled "What will happen?!"

"Every nation shall rally against yours and none will survive... unless you open the gate below the ruins of Cynthia. A city lies below... it's light will fill Cynthias ruins and your way."

I stepped back and my stomach clenched at the thought of Kirie. Zeritai stated "Say no and I will find another."

Eyes watering, I yelled "GET ME THERE NOW!"

Dirt fell from the ceiling as it opened, allowing sunlight inside. A winding staircase rose from the earth. I walked onto the top step of the staircase and anxiously waited.

The End

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