Mikiko coughed as she walked out of the city, relatively unnoticed due to the dust cloud and the flames. "Talk about your major case of deja vu," she muttered bitterly. "Just like my forest... MY forest... MINE."

The anger that boiled in her blood grew to near breaking points. She saw the burning city, and it made her angry to see this happen again... she didn't give a damn about the humans, but she was upset about all the animals that had died in there... all the dogs, cats, birds... hell, she felt sorry for even the fish!

Then she saw the war machines, the ones that brought the dust cloud, the harbinger of the suffering and death that comes with war. It made her sick just to look at it. She decided at that moment to get up on a hill and blast it repeatedly with lightning. Let's see what they'd do about that!

She climbed up the nearest hilltop and, just as she was about to let out all her anger and frustration at seeing all the loss of life around her, something came over her... a primordial desire to let out her pain and sadness rather than her anger and frustration with a single howl. She didn't know why, but then again... she was a wolf demon. This was what they did. The forest was her home, not these man made towers of stone and jewel! What should she care if a few insignificant humans died...

But for some reason, she was sad. She wasn't sad for the animals like she thought she was... she was sad for humanity, for the destruction it casts upon itself, for the mere fact that they are willing to sacrifice their own for the least personal of reasons... she could understand wanting to kill someone for food, or for love, or self defense if you WERE the food... but this was what nature was to her. But to kill, only for the sake of killing...

Mikiko howled. A long, sad howl that could be heard by the gods themselves. Tears streamed down her face as she did so. She finally understood. She wasn't just a wolf demon...

She was also human.

The End

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