Destruction everywhere, cries for help, and hellish flames clouded my vision. The conference room was totally destroyed, with walls caving in and smashing against the ground, leaving great dents and death behind. The ice Snow had created wasn't enough to keep us safe and all he could do was offer his body to protect me from burning and getting hurt. That single thought warmed up my heart and gave me strength to pull Snow to safety. A loud cacophony of sounds and noises was going on outside as cries of war were issued from every corner of Cynthia. There was no place to hide when fear was overseeing destruction.

I pushed the semi-conscious body of Snow from above me, his back covered with debris of fallen walls and ashes. I stood up with my wobbly legs and tucked a shoulder underneath his arm and heaved him up to a standing position, leaning against the wall for support. He was much more heavier than I thought, slowly we limped our way out of the crumbling building. A deafening explosion sounded behind us and our bodies were lauched across the sky, landing heavily on our backs. A ring of fire formed around us, making us cower from the scorching flames. Kirikai was right, Cynthia would scorch under fiery flames from foes.

"There is no way to prevent this destruction, escape Kirie," Snow muttered, getting to his knees.

"I'm not leaving you behind," I said, I clasped my hands and created a whirlwind between my hands that sucked the flames surrounding us and making it disappear between my fingers. Snow looked at me with surprise.

Dead silence followed after shortcomings of destruction and havoc, that still silence which is neither inviting nor warming. Nothing was left to destroy and only few survivors remained to mourn the devastating effects of an ongoing war. War was written by the winners and condemned by the weepers.

"Whoever did this will suffer my wrath," Snow seethed, his statement reminded me of Kirikai and I wished we would've stayed together. At least that way I would know if he was alright or not.

"I thought Cynthia was neutral," I said finding my voice and examining the situation surrounding us. Most of the buildings were now in ruins, with pieces of blocks and glass lying around. The massive columns that were once greatly esteemed for holding up sanctified buildings were now shattered and crushed into dwellings from the inhabitants. A few wandering people were trying to recover what they could from the attack, digging into the remains of materials in search of love ones. This sight pained me and tears welled in my eyes.

"We have to find the Council," Snow said resolutely, "and if they are dead we must form one ourselves. This event cannot go untold nor neglected, somebody out there disrecpected our peaceful ways and for that it must be brought to justice."

Snow spoke like a leader. I helped him get up and we started our way to look for survivors who comprised the council and the representatives of each nation. We also searched for allies to join in our cause: to break the war and settle in peace.

The End

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