My conversation continued with Kirie, it was a pretty plain conversation, filled with awkward bits it both seemed like you were dancing around the truth and core of ourselves.  For another Half an hour the none of the members of the other Nations had shown up . Outside I take a look to see a large amount of dust. A storm? I thought, suddenly a man broke into the door.

"We under attack! Evac......"

It was too late as a light blinded the delegates, and representatives, the light began to burn away at the flesh. Instinctively I swirled about creating a dense layer of Ice blocking out most of the bright light. Kirie didn't seem to see someone make Ice like that, it was a bit of disappointment, but I didn't care to much.

"Thank you Captain Valier." Commander Gray, then before he could continue the ground began to shake violently, multiple explosions went off.

"Get down!" A representative said as the ice cracked, and the floor seemed to crack and we began rolling to the right.  I did my best to reinforce the ice but something hit the structure we were sitting in. Time slowed as my ice shattered, flames crept in,  the screams of representatives.  The powerlessness was overwhelming as we were hit again , and again.  As we fell I did one thing that I could do, and that was to protect Kirie, and I. I couldn't make my ice anymore protective within a bigger radius as went crashing to the ground.

A description of Cynthia destruction

As the storm of dust carried on to towards Cynthia, the machines of  war began to break though thew wall of dust, tanks, Canons, transportable missle silo's. Moving assault bases. The numbers of machines, and men was beyond believable. Even more so was the identity of these soldiers were impossible to tell. Like clockwork, Bombers broke through the dust, and the Maelstrom of destruction came. As the missile fired at the crystal walls it crumpled from the heat, and quickly hit the ground. The buildings even though built to defy the tests of times, were fragile against the weapons of destructions. Black dust filled the streets, as constants sounds of explosions filled the air. Flames blocked off any escape, as the smoke choked the air.

The quick destruction of Cynthia matched that of a volcanoes eruption, Smoke, and bits of Debris filled the air, the city was left to burn as the military that quickly made its destruction left just as quickly.  From  a distance it looked like there were little survivors, yet in its destroyed ashes was life, not a whole lot but life that would seek the ones responsible for this destruction, and bring the nations together in a rag tag fashion. Yet will it be enough to combat the mysterious, and powerful force that has awakened?


The End

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