I collapsed onto the ground choking. My father dragged me to my feet.

"We must hurry. There is a meeting going on and I sense that treachery is afoot."

I followed after him, gun in hand. We had stopped just outside the city outside one of the entrances. We ran around, trying to get people away from the city. But after a while I called to my father.

"There are too many people. We will never get them all out in time."

"Then we shall at least save a few."

He took a family to the portal. I continued to go farther in, warning families. But as I got farther from my father, I reached another entrance, one of the main ones. I see a pit a while away and run toward it, wondering if anyone has fallen inside. The wind is blowing really strongly, so I hid behind a chunk of broken wall. As I stood hidden from view I heard a man speak.

"This is not your fate..."

The End

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