The blond man drew closer and closer. I found myself standing up and my fists clenched. He walked within a foot of me and asked "Who are you?"

I answered "Kirikai Ziom."

He bit his lip and mumbled "Snow Valier."

My gaze caught the slightly concerned Cynthian representatives. I forced a smile and stated "How much do you want peace?"

Snow shrugged, his anger carefully concealed "It isn't up to me. I don't have any say."

My eyes widened with rage "If you do not have any say, then the only reason you are here is to court my sister. Give me a reason why you shouldn't burn."

Snow grinned "I need to ask Kirie a few questions, seeing as you will be busy."

A few diplomats looked at us hesitantly. The room started to go quiet. I growled "Snow, give us space." 

One of Snows men stood in between me and Snow. He boomed "Aren't we here for peace?" His metal armor clacked.

I seethed "That seems questionable."

A hand tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see the priest with a letter. I grabbed it and read the words "Kirikai, return immediately, prepare to assist the Heirarch for a potential war. Kirie will stay to finish the talks."

The letter burned in my hand. I turned to Kirie, then Snow. Finally, I stated "Everyone, the Heirarch has demanded for my assistance in a tense matter... Kirie, shall stay in my place."

With that, I walked out of the meeting and to the entrance of the city. My heart ached at the thought of Kirie and Farena.  I grabbed my pistol and assault rifle, strutting out of the city. A mile from the city, massive sand dunes rolled and cries echoed in the distance. The wind increased and I tried to protect my eyes. The ground broke and I fell into a pit. My body hit icy water and the energy left my body. I tried to climb but my arms felt like string. My eyes  soon closed and a deep voice boomed "This is not your fate..."

The End

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