A Pouting WolfMature

Mikiko was upset about how 'Mister Flame Guy' treated her the day before. After he pushed her down, she was tempted to turn him into a charred skeleton. It would have been easy... oh, so easy. One crack of lightning was all it would have took. But then he summoned a wall of flame as if to say "Piss off", and walked away. What a jerk. Mikiko knew if she met him again, he would slap him in the face.

She sighed. Now that she thought about it, she could have easily killed the fire with her power of wind. After all, fire needs air to survive, so she could trap the flames in an airless vortex. Never tried it before, but she could still try. She decided that now was as good a time to practice as any.

She focused her powers on a little bird that was coming her way. She didn't like the idea of using her powers on a creature of the air, but she saw no other option. She ran towards the bird, and as it began to take flight, Mikiko surrounded it in a vortex, devoid of air in the center. The bird couldn't stay in the air and began to fall, but Mikiko caught it in her hands just before it his the ground. The bird looked up at her, a little surprised, a little flustered, a little grateful. It jumped up on her shoulder and nibbled her ear, making Mikiko giggle. "H-hey... stop that... it tickles."

This moment of happiness suddenly ended, as at that moment, Mikiko looked up in the sky, and saw it was overcast... but not from a storm. From dust.

"This... is so not good," was all she could say.


The End

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