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"Don't wrestle against me," the stench of alcohol and fear invaded my senses. My body was pinned down onto the ground and my limbs felt numb by the side of my cold and fragile body. My fingers were smudged with earth and sweat, digging deep into the ground. I dared not breathed for every gasp for air was a pierce to my lungs and a desertion of life. Fire had forsaken me and my energies were draining into the abyss with every blink I made.

The hands of the man grasped my shoulder with intensity and rage. His expression was contorted in wicked passion and anger. He licked his lips and his left thumb was caressing my cheek, a sense of stupefaction in him. "You are so beautiful," he grunted, pressing his thumb in the hollow between my cheekbones and jawline. He wasn't aware he was hurting his muse, his uncontrolled features and shaking motions were unsteady and fanatical.

I parted my lips and let out a whisper, "please, let me go..." This artist, whom I've been dating for three months, was once lost in greed and driven to insanity by his unsuccessful life. The night I met him, he was inches of collapsing into Death's cycle and belong forever to the night. I became his muse and companion for I knew the secrets of the night, I showed him around the city and towns, and near creeks and adjacent forest. With the sole purpose of enlightening his obscure vision about the world.

Obsession and the idea of me leaving town was unbearable to him. This particular night he ambushed me and beat me to unconsciousness, dragging my body to his art workshop. Once I regain focus I tried to wrestle him but he overpowered me. "I cannot let you go away just because your brother says so, whom am I going to paint from now on?" he asked as a sly smile settled on his thin lips. The blade of a dagger shone underneath the moonlight, "I always wanted to try a new art, much more sanguine art..." He lifted the sleeve of my dress and place the sharp tip of the dagger into my skin. He applied pressure on it and the tip pierced my skin, tearing a scream from me. He cupped my mouth as blood trickled down my arm, his eyes were gleaming with excitement and agitation at the steady flow of blood.

Tears clouded my vision and pain took possession of my senses. He was slicing the dagger down the length of my arm, rejoicing at my struggles and muffled cries. A pool of blood tainted the ground with a burgundy colour, "beautiful" he whispered, letting out a chuckle. For a fleeting instant I saw Death's wings.

"Get off her!" a rough voice called from behind whilst lifting his weight from my weary body. At the sudden movement, the dagger was dislodged from my arm allowing more blood to ooze out. I heard struggle and fist colliding with flesh and bones along with groans and moans.

"Kirikai..." were the last words I could utter before falling into deep slumber.


I jolted upright and gasped for air, my chest heaving due to the fright of my recurring memory of that bleak night. Beads of perspiration streamed down my face, I was day dreaming while an important conversation regarding the nation's commonwealth would be going on. Kirikai's prayers were no good, but they are somewhat comforting.

The meeting had not yet started for the delay of the other representatives and Kirikai did no effort to conceal his impatience.

"Is this the behaviour of other leaders who want to achieve peace between our nations?" fumed Kirikar, crossing his arms and closing his eyes to allow himself into a silent humming. That always tranquilize him.

"Brother, you shouldn't voice your opinion like that," I warned him, "it is not proper, considering we are guests..."

"Guest or not, peace should be a matter of importance," Kirikai snapped at me.

I sighed and my eyes locked with the blond man who had defended me yesterday, the same man Kirikai was adamant in despising.

"I swear I am going to deal with him if he continues casting those glances at you," murmured Kirikai.

"I can hear you, brother," I said, giving him a disapproving look. "Maybe he isn't that bad..."

"I told you Kirie..."

"I know, he does not know our ways," I rolled my eyes at his never ending speech. "There is nothing you can do to impede our acquaintance, though."

"What do you mean?"

"He is coming to us," I issued a warm smile as the blond man was approaching us.

The End

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