Sunlight of a hopeful new dawnMature



The morning came to quickly, my dreams had been filled with the girl I had met yesterday. My mind was betraying me from my usual Apathic ways, but I did not care. I got dressed into my uniform quickly as I met up with commander Grey. I had a deep dark feeling that this peace treaty was not going to happen as long as commander Grey was at the helm here. As well I felt that he was planning to sabotage Cynthia but only being Ranked Captain I had no say in anything at all. Also I did not have enough evidence to act so I stood down. The sun was rising over the horizion of crimson crystal walls. The sight was marvellous, but Grey did not give any one a chance to marvel at it.

"Alright everyone, You all know you places! Captain, you are to say nothing. As for you generals you will be my advisers. Simple, and if any of you step out of line. I will have you court Martial quickly!Understood!"

"Yes sir!" We all said.

"Good! Now lets Proceed Gentlemen!" Grey shouted as if he was giving some sort of inspiring speech.  We all marched out towards a beautiful Marble, granite , and obsidian structure, that was very much in a sphere shape, but with many towers, and arches connected to it. At the top of the structure was a round room with all the representatives of the warring nations. Across from me sat the nation of Fararena. A male sat down who looked familiar to me glared at me like I had done something to cross him. I didn't care but yet I felt like I should give him a taste of my abilities.  Behind him sat the girl from yesterday, she gave me a brief look before the male gave her a very angered stare.

"Gentlemen, and ladies from your respected Nations we are currently having a delay with a few other Nations hopefully the meeting will not be delayed much longer." Said one of the Cynthian representatives.

The End

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