The woman stared at me, a mark burned onto her arm. Kirie, you have cursed me. My head shook and I attempted to walk past the woman. She jumped in my way, hyper active. My eyes widened and I pushed her to the ground, growling "Do not stand in the way of the Heirarchs servants." 

I moved around her and waved my hand, creating a wall of fire between me and her. The crowd screamed and ran down the street. My feet started pounding faster and faster as I searched for Kirie. My heart skipped a beat as a familiar face filled my peripheral vision. I turned and saw a small group of soldier walked up the road. If it was him... my gaze shifted forwards to see Kirie standing near a muddy water fountain, people trudging of with mud on their clothing. I walked right next to her and asked "Was that man here?!"

Kirie looked at me and forcefully smiled "No... he wasn't."

My heart skipped a beat and I stated "Remember the artist?"

She rubbed her scar and mumbled "Yeah..." Her face hid and she took a deep breath, looking back up. Kirie mumbled "Church was fast."

I frowned "It was but a shadow of our church Kirie. We'll have to pray together tonight." 

Kirie smiled and mumbled "Yeah, that sounds great."

We both kneeled and I began "As mah laay omo siya saa."

Kirie sang as I recited "Den mo ray halaya mas".

The sun lowered and we continued into the night. Finally, I rose and stated "There is no reason to risk everything for one boy that doesn't know our ways. Follow Shamala and you will find a bright future Kirie."

She looked in disbelief and nodded.


The End

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