You Play With Fire...Mature

Mikiko saw a man walk out of a building, and smiled to herself when she saw him light aflame. Somebody like her! She had never felt happier... somebody who could understand her, to play with her, to hug and kiss and call George! Then she changed her mind... that's a bit too much. Still, she was overjoyed to know there were demons like her in this world...

Then a thought struck her... was he a demon, or was he just another disgusting human? If it was the latter then she would not be pleased... she wasn't sure how she would react, but she assumed it would be violent.

She pushed the thought out of her mind. It occurred to her that maybe he was a demon, but will tell her he's a human because he was surrounded by humans and wouldn't want anybody to get the wrong idea. Or maybe he just felt like lying. She liked to lie all the time... it was fun to watch people run around like crazy looking for something they lost and she kept telling them where it was when she was holding it behind her back the whole time!

She finally made up her mind: she would approach the strange flaming man and ask for his name... she could tell that they were going to be great friends!

When the flaming man saw her approach, seeing her walk forward calmly and not afraid or judgmental, he showed for a moment a feeling of being impressed, but that quickly changed to a feeling of contempt. He probably thought she was an idiot.

"Well, we're off to a rocky start, aren't we?" Mikiko smiled warmly. "My name is Shindou Mikiko... but just call me Mikiko. Will you tell me your name, Mister Flame Guy?"

He stared at her for a moment, and then uttered in a whisper, his voice filled with confusion. "Mister... Flame... Guy?"

"That's your name? Wow... and here I was only guessing!"

The End

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