I layed my head down in a crouched position in the center of an aisle, the churches ceiling a hundred meters above me. A massive mirror mounted on the wall reflected the suns golden light onto the priest at the front of the room. The light signifies the Heirarchs trust in him.

Instruments for other religions lay around the room, Only ten other people were inside, kneeling in the aisles. The priest chanted "As mah laay omo siya saa".

The room echoed as everyones lips moved to the chant. "As mah laay omo siya saa."

The priest stated "We must all follow the Heirarch, only he may lead us to the city of Uritai. To defile the Heirarch is to defile Shamala, much like defying peace."

I clenched my fists and glared at the priest. The priest swallowed hard and continued "Peace, it can only be achieved through Shamala, told to us by the Heirarch. If we are told to sacrifice ourselves, we do so. May we live forever in Uritai!"

My fists clenched tighter at the thought of Kiries future. Kirie, that man does not know our ways! My knees bent up and I turned around, walking out of the church. I heard a sigh of relief from the priest. Fury overcame me and I heated up the churches mirror, glass melting and falling onto the floor. My head bent around to look at the priest, no longer bathed in golden light. I yelled "You have one chance to see the way again. I will watch you and exact the Heirarchs revenge if I am not satisfied." 

My footsteps echoed as I walked out of the church and into the street. Flames surrounded my body, scaring a few people in the street. A guard looked in my direction, his eyes widened and looked the other way. Where are you Kirie?

The End

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