A feelingMature



As I watched the stunning green eyed girl turn around in shame, I felt a tug of emotions inside me. Unusually not the usual emotions of regret, pain or Apathy, but something I had not felt with  any other human being. As the crowd began to throw food at her I used my abilities controlling the water inside the food to change their coures through the air making the fruit and vegetables splatter against the wall.  From a near by fountain I used the water to splash the unkind citizens of  Cynthia violently. They all hit the muddy ground with a squish. Not knowing what had hit them.  She didn't notice the deed at all so I decided to walk up to her. It was strange that I felt something inside of me that was afraid to talk to her.  This made things worse because all I ever had was my composure, and it was slipping.  It took everything  I had to keep my cold, and composed tone of voice.

" I saw how those desperate low lives treated you. Its a shame  the only city that stands free, and proud in this war has scumbags  like that."  I say with my cold voice. The feelings that were collapsing my world resided. She turned to me her beautiful green eyes meeting my blue.

"Uh, erm. Yeah it is." She replied with surprise, the looking at the muddy, and splashed market place even more surprised, "What happened there?" 

"I think the fountain had a slight issue." I said uncaringly," Serves them right to treat you like something less than human, especially in these times. Anyways what brings you to Cynthia?" I ask. She opened her mouth but was interrupted by the harsh voice of commander Gray.

"Snow the meeting has been moved up tomorrow.  We're going back to the Barracks, to get ready."  I turned to look at her to ask for a name but again," Come on lets go."

"Yes sir."  I turned around to wave goodbye, I doubt I would see her again, and it was weird to feel that I didn't want that to happen.


The End

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