Tears in CynthiaMature


I watched as my older brother, Kirikai was lead toward a temple by the priest he intended to hurt if his demands were not met. I waited for them to enter the dark entrance of the towering temple, which seem to be erected out of marble, its high peaks and towers reaching to the sky attempting to touch the Creator. After making sure they were completely inside I wandered off into the city of Cynthia, the last standing neutral city in a land ravaged by war and terror. I made my way through the busy marketplace, avoiding collisioins with stalls and the bustling customers in general. 

My gaze turn round and round, amazed and attracted by the jewellery and general pieces they had to offer. In the centre of the city, dominating the architectural pallor, were the governmental buildings, proudly erected by our ancestors and which housed the suppose justice that reign over our lands. A blatant lie.

I stood on my toes, trying to catch a glimpse of the stranger who caught my eye earlier. His blond hair complimented his blue eyes and left my eyes craving for more of him. With that sole purpose in mind, I set foot in finding his presence and introduce myself appropriately before my brother was dismissed from the church. He got pretty cranky and overprotective when it came to my little romanctic trails everywhere we went.

The moment my eyes caught sight of him, a smile crossed my face and my eyes were lighted with excitement. He was far better looking now than he had been just moments ago. I started with a confident stride but as I got near his cold expression and fixed features ignited fear of rejection inside me. This was the first time a man was unmoved by my flaunting beauty and bold flirt. His composed demeanor seem to hide deeply buried secrets and painful memories.

I stopped in my tracks and only held his eyes, not even daring to smile at him nor shift my eyes away. His cold blue eyes seem to penetrate deep inside me and scrutinize my soul and heart. I blushed at the thought, fearing he might learn my most precious secret, a secret so dark and frightening that I forced myself to hide it deep in my mental sky.

His eyes darted away from mine, amused at something else. That was the end of my approach, I sighed, for once I turned down the possibility of love because my past and previous experiences restrain me from it. I only fall for jerks.

I felt a slight breeze in my legs as I saw a flowing red beside me. Hastily I snatched the hem of my dress away from a man whose face was red with anticipation. He got to lift the skirt of my dress just above my knees revealing my knee-length high leather boots. I blushed slightly as I slapped him hard across the face, causing him to sway and crash into a stall of crafts. "How dare you?!" I seethed, standing erected and indignant at his repulsive action.

"Come on, pretty," he smiled amusingly, shaking his head from the blow and getting to his feet. "Just a small glimpse of those slender legs you have beneath the dress, I pay well."

Something inside me snapped, I curled my fist and strike his sneering face. His body fell heavily on the ground, heaving up a wall of dust. People were assembled around us, watching and muttering to themselves about what they've just seem, pointing fingers at me and calling me a prostitute who took advantage of drunken clients.

"I am not," I muttered to myself, "I've just arrive." Memories crept into my conscious mind, memories of people and crowds yelling and cursing me. Calling me indignant names, undermining the human being I was. I gave in to all of them by bursting the place into flames, raging flames that would consume everybody around.

Not this time, I would just walk out of problems. I turned around and with quick steps tried to disappear from the scene. From afar, I noticed the young man's blue eyes following me as I exited the congested marketplace. Shame flow into my heart as a saddening thought settled in my mind. Probably he thought the same about me just like everyone else.

My hand wrapped around a healed scar on my right arm as tears welled in my eyes and stung them. A small smile formed in my face and I wished my brother would have been there to protect me, just like in the other times.

The End

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