Unpredictable As the WindMature

Mikiko spent about half an hour looking for the shiny thing, but she eventually gave up. "No shiny thing..." she said sadly. Then she smiled. "Oh well! No need to feel sad! I'm sure I'll find it someday! The shiny thing!"

She turned round and saw the city walls, standing tall and proud. Since her forest no longer stood where it should be, she decided that the city was really her only option... even if it was crawling with disgusting humans.

She sighed and then began to walk in the direction of the towering city, and she eventually reached the gates. The guards looked at her suspiciously, and readied their weapons. "If you are carrying weapons, hand them over here. Otherwise you will be breaking the law of this city."

Mikiko tilted her head slightly, as if pondering the question. "Weapons? If no weapons are allowed, then how come you get to have them? Makes little sense to me... do you have dip... dip..."

One of the guards raised an eyebrow. "Diplomatic immunity?"

"That thing! Yes!" Mikiko smiled cheerfully. "So you guys have that?"

"Uhhh... no... we're the city guard." The other guard answered, a bit weirded out by Mikiko's almost childish behavior. "It makes no sense for the guard to not carry weapons."

"But then the guards are breaking the laws that they themselves must uphold!" Mikiko spoke up. "How does that work?"

"We're getting off the subject." The first guard interrupted. "Do you have weapons?"

"Don't need them." Mikiko's eyes seemed to slit as she said this. "I have the power of the wind at my command, but even if I didn't, I could still pummel you until you lost consciousness..." She smiled menacingly, but then she laughed in a friendly manner. "So, what... should I tear off my own arms and leave them here? How will I eat?"

The two guards looked at each other, then back at Mikiko. "You can go in... but... don't do anything crazy, alright?"

"Like what?"

"Like... start a tornado or a thunderstorm in the city walls, beat the crap out of an old guy... that sort of thing." The guards explained.

"Okay, Sir Guard and Mister Guard!" Mikiko smiled and jumped right into the city, and the door closed behind her.

The first guard looked at the second. "Which one of us is Sir Guard and which of us is Mister Guard?"

"How should I know?" His companion responded. "All I know is that girl is a little screwy."

The End

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