Woman, Wolf, Dame, DemonMature

Mikiko stared at the charred remains or a forest where the war had been through. It made her sad to see life just end like this... but that was the funny thing about life, isn't it? You never now when it could end, and how close to death life really is. But life doesn't see death coming... and it never will until it was too late.

She crouched down on all fours and sniffed the charred ground. She could smell the blood of the soldiers who died here, the smell of smoke and fire, and her mind pictured the destruction. Once more, she felt sad.

Then, as suddenly as she became sad, anger boiled in her veins. Humans... humans are nothing more than destructive creatures who wasted the land and killed for sport and pleasure rather than for survival! They treat their own kind like dirt... and she was treated worse than that. She wasn't human, she was a demon... they made it clear to her that she would never be a human... and after what they did to her, she would rather die than be a human. She was a wolf demon, who killed for food, and had the power of the wind at her fingertips. The forest was her home, despite what society would like for her to be... A HUMAN.

She spat in disgust and howled in the charred remains of her once beautiful home... she beared her fangs and claws, and the clouds above gathered and darkened. She wanted to let all the hate go... wanted all the pain to go away... in one, concentrated burst of lightning...

Suddenly, she saw something shiny, and she forgot her hate and anger... what filled this void was now simply curiousity. "Wonder what that could be?" She said to herself in a sing-song voice. She bounded on all four limbs like a wolf, and eventually came to a wonderful city of red and black. At first, she was shocked and surprised at the magnificence of this grand place, but that gave into disappointment. "This is not the shiny thing." Mikiko looked around some more and found a glimmer of something shiny... moving through the woods.

"Must... find... shiny thing..." Mikiko kept telling herself. "shinythingshinythingshinythingshinythingshinything..."

The End

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