Elemental StormMature

A younger generation trying to find peace in a continent that has only known war. In the a diplomatic attempt for security, and boasting reasons each nation brings forth their elements with them in a city that has somehow managed to be neutral for the longest war in history. However in the middle of the negotiations the city is destroyed leaving the elements and very few alive. The elements soon find themselves forced to trust eachother in friendship.



The Halius nation's convoy was approaching Cynthia the last remaining city that stood in the destructive and seemingly endless war. Cynthia had beautiful crystal red walls that seemed stronger than any metal or rock a man could fine. The prominent Gothic spiralling obsidian watch towers gave a intimidating look and command over the surrounding areas. To many soldiers who have laid siege to the city have all shared the  feeling of the disapproval of divine power, and it burned them from within. I could understand why the place seemed to have the blessings of a god, or goddess. But logically it was inconceivable for their to be such a thing that could let this violence to continue, and to let me.....

" Captain Snow, we are being requested to surrender all of our weapons."

"Do as they say, we are not here to fight." I say with little emotion.

They all thought me a spoiled brat, I was young, and hardly knew the tragedy's of war. I didn't care which made them hate me anymore.

"Ah captain Snow, I'm glad your attending these delicate meetings. Perhaps we'll be able to scare the other nations with you power over Ice, and water." Says commander Gray.

"Sir I may speak out of turn, but I do believe our intention should truly find a way to stop this conflict. Its so old no one knows why it started, just only the deaths that have filled the gouge its made into every nation."

"What an interesting point of view from such a young man." Commander Gray says with disbelief, and slight contempt,"  I would like to agree but I cannot let our enemy's get away with what they have done to Halius nation and to my family, and loved ones."

"A never ending cycle of revenge." I say quietly blowing at a strand of hair hovering just into the upper part of my view.

" Do you feel any hatred captain?"

"Nope, I feel nothing, I just think everything that I've seen is foolish. But it won't affect me if its stops or continues on. I'm simply the cold handed observer who will only  see the foolishness of this world."

"How very poetic boy but you have much to learn of this world that you call foolish." He retorts, " Anyways Captain I would like you to be my right hand man at this meeting of diplomats, and pacifists. Regardless of your point of view that I very much despise, I've been instructed to show that the Halius Nation will not back down. Your only purpose is for intimidation, you are not to mutter a word."

" Yes sir, as you wish." I say calmly. The commander looks at me before brushing me off.

Twenty minutes later we reached the Northern gates of Cyntia the guards took our weapons. My troops did not resist however I did notice those under the command of commander Gray had attempted to bring concealed weapons. I couldn't help but feeling he had an ulterior motive.

"Captian, your weapons!" A guards says harshly before realizing who I am.

"I do not carry any weapons, but if you insist go ahead check." I say coldly. They did not press further knowing that I had no need for a weapon to bring ones life to an end.

Once at our provided barracks I was given snug officers quarters, with something that resembled a bed, and enough space for 4 regular troop bed, so I couldn't complain to much. It was a long journey from ice, and tundra of Halius, so most of the troops had felt the need to sleep. However I felt the need to explore the city after organizing all my positions.

"Captain, the Commander Gray has told me to tell you the meeting will be in two days time, and we have been advised by the Cynthian city council to avoid the enemy Nations to reduce possible conflict." My lieutenant tells me.

" Tell commander Gray that I do not need to be baby sat." I say brushing past him," Also tell him if he needs me I will be out."

Inside the crystal red walls of Cynthia was spectacular sight of architectural wonder, the buildings all beautifully sat with arches, buttresses, fountains, glimmering stones such as marble, obsidian, crystralite.  No wonder the people here had no care for the ongoing war for what laid in these walls was by far more spectacular, and truly worth giving your life for.  For once in my life I found a place that could take me from my painful memory's.

The End

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