Saraphy: Unexpected

The stones that power the swords will appear only to those who have a pure heart. Guardians are not...

"Are you up there buried inside a book again?" a shout interrupted my reading. I looked down below to see my sister staring up at me and I gave her a quick nod.

"Can you come down for a minute? I want to have you look at the bow I've created."

"Sure." Within a second, I was standing right besides her instead of on that comfortable branch. Then I walked briskly to the table in which the bow was placed.

I took it into my hands and felt the quality of the wood and then at the design that was carved onto it. Not bad for her first try. I turned to look at my little sister and gave her a smile.

"Did I pass?" she eagerly asked me.

Then with quick speed, I took and arrow and fired it with the bow. The vibrating string was resonating with the wind. I handed it back to her. "You can probably tighten it a bit more, but other than that, it was a great creation."

"I passed!" she said and smiled with glee.

I felt the breeze flow through my hair. The sound of the chimes from my bangles 

I transformed into my dragon form and spanned my great wings. I roared off into the distance and the winds began to gather into a tornado. Never before did the winds dare disobey the commands of a dragon. I lifted a wing to shield my sister from the blast, but the winds began to disintegrate as it came closer. Soon all that was left of it was a sparkling stone on the floor.

I turned back into a human and knelt besides the object. I was left speechless.

Guardians are not chosen... They are found.

The End

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