Vandus: Flying

I was lounging at the rocky bank of a beautiful crystal lake. I looked upon it and suddenly got the urge to swim. I smiled to myself, and looked back at my village. So, I stood up and dived into the cold, sweet water. I opened my eyes under the water and looked around.

Then, I saw a curious token, some rock that was shinning at the bottom of the lake. I swam to the surface, breathed and swam down to the object. I grabbed it in my left hand and looked at in, but then it flashed. I was in agony as my body changed and rearranged.

Frightend, I went to swim back up to the surface, but when I reached the surface I kept going. I looked around and saw that I was flying, I looked below and saw the forest and my village. Then, scared of the sudden changed, I blacked out and fell to the earth below.

The End

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