Elemental Dragons

The elements are rising and they need their guardians.

"I don't understand" I said as I blocked the sword of my master once again. "These daggers, if they just sit in the palace vault why not make use of them?"

"Because, Cethin, they are for the guardians" my master says sheathing his sword and gesturing to the drink of night juice on the table. I sit and look at my master.

"Yes but when are the guardians meant to be chosen. How are they chosen?" I say wanting to know more.

"Calm, Cethin. This is unlike you to want to know so much" my master replies after having taken a long gulp of his drink.

"Its interesting" I replying looking out into the night. "Besides I enjoy speaking to you, master"

My master smiles. "Then I will tell you this. Guardians aren't chosen. They're found. They have to be of pure heart and not want to misuse the gift of their element to harm or conflict pain on others. The stones that power the swords will appear to only them"

I take a deep breath and down my drink. "That limits out a lot of people, master" I say looking at him calmly.

"Indeed" he replies.


I look at my feet as I walk. Each step makes the ground crunch beneath my feet. I sigh and stop in a small opening. I go down on one knee and bow my head. I force my body to mold, to change and soon I feel free. My body is shadows with sharp blood red eyes, sharp teeth and claws. I attack the tree and climb up going up and round the trunk. When I reach the top I roar and its echoed by a few others.

I feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins even though right now they dont seem to exist. I am nothing but I am also everything. Powerful yet not as strong as I want to be. I growl to myself and jump my dragon body rushing towards the floor. The change happens midfall and yet, I still land on my feet but something happens.

The shadows that sound of vanished into the air cling to my skin. "What the hell?" I gasp trying to shake them off. They do but only to be replaced by shadows seeping around me. "STOP!" I scream and they do, the vanish leaving in their place a small stone.

I reach down and pick it up. "No" I whispers. "This cant be one" I'm trying to deny it but I already know. This is one of the stones. The shadow stone to the guardian dagger of my element.

The End

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