Irritating Curiosity

Luschife Nara

"There was nothing here to begin with." Luschife shot back at the woman who had protected that cowardly soldier. She was disgrace to all of the wielding kind! Those soldiers were no different than himself, except when things got ugly they would run away!Cowards. Luschife thought to himself as walked away. The thought of following the one soldier and killing him had crossed his mind for the fifth time since he turned his back to that woman, but he felt that the demon within had quite enough feeding for today. The thought of demon made him stop in his tracks, his neck burned from the vivid memory. The memory of the day the human race showed him the only love he had ever known pain.

"I am just but a demon." He murmured, looking off into the sky which would have been a clear blue had it not been for those humans burning up that village. Luschife had long ago forgot what it was like to live inside society. His dad had brutalized him for all his life making him believe love was a form of deep suffering. His mother had been killed before he could remember. One night he expressed his 'love' to his father, and since that point on the only form of human contact was usually in a unkind fashion.

"That woman." He spoke out. He was still irritated how could that woman show such mercy?!  He continued on stopping at the top of a bluff of smokey coloured rocks. The woman was still on his mind digging at him, to the point he decided he was going to find her, and ask her. Ask her why she had spared that soldiers life? Why she didn't attack him for the things that he done. Although that could be because she just simply didn't know. If she did would she treat him like the others? Why did this even matter? she was annoying! He kicked out at a loose rock on the bluff in frustration of the turmoil in his head. As the rock plummeted through the air the noise in his head was silenced. It was his nature was to destroy, it was a definite primal instinct that he identified with, but something inside him wanted him to see that woman again.

"Fine! Alright! I will go! This doesn't make me weak liker her! or any of them!" He shouted loudly at himself, before starting journey back to where he last saw the woman.


Finding where the woman had gone wasn't easy for Luschife but he had his ways, and now he was faced with entering a City .Something that he found highly uncomfortable, he did not look civilized at all, and probably was really smelly to. Not to mention there were people out  for his head. He was starting to question this whim of finding this Woman.

"Just get what you need with your usual tactics." He talked to himself as tip toed onto the road now showing himself plainly to the town guard who were now eyeing his suspicious appearance.

It wasn't because he was scared, he was trying to suppress his desire to run around in a blood thirsty rampage. As well as trying prevent one from happening because as soon as it came to push to shove, the game was up. As he got closer the guards stepped in front of him blocking his entrance.

"What is your business here?" The guard to the right said noticing his unusually bright green eyes.

"I'm , erm looking for someone." He said his hands twitching, he wanted to see a look of horror on those eyes especially because he was looking down on him as if were some kind of dog!

"Looking for who? Does  they live here?"

"I don't know her name, and I don't know where she lives. Alright, she came here not to long ago and that is all I know. So stop picking on me got it!" He said his temper already rising.

"Cool it buddy, we just don't want any of those Element wielding scum. Borade check him for marks."

"In the usual places?"

"No Borade of course not!" The green eyed one said sarcastically.

"Sorry sir." He said," Hold your arms out."

Luschife did what he was told hoping that he wouldn't see the mark that read demon on his neck, which was covered by his cape for now. The man looked at his arms torso and shoulder but did not check his neck, Thankfully. 

"No marks sir."Borade said.

"Alright kid walk through, and I know this maybe a bit rude, but please with soonest chance you get a shirt. Enjoy your time in Tenfain." The green eyed one said friendly, making Luschife impulse to cut him even greater.

"Alright now to find that annoying woman." He growled quietly.

The End

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