Feng Hayes

Feng Hayes spluttered for air as the men who had captured him - just a group of young villagers with a particularly cruel sense of humor - pulled his head out of the water for the third or fourth time.

"Where's you fire now, wielder?" one of them taunted as they dunked him again, then pulled him out once more.

"Can't - breathe -" Feng gasped. He felt like he had been torn inside out; not only was it the shock of the freezing water aginst his face, his connection to fire had been seemingly severed. To top it all off, the water seemed to burn him every time it touched him - ever since he was young he had a strange fear of water, as it severed his connection to his element and was alien compared to the gentle heat of the fire.

The men dunked him and raised him again. Looking over, he could see that they now had his father, as well. This enraged Feng, but he was powerless to do anything about it. "Please - no -" They dunked them both at almost the same exact second.

"Why don't you use you all-powerful magic on us?"

It's not all-powerful, he thought with contempt, and it's not magic. Just a unique ability.

When they dunked his father again, he became still.

"I guess the old man couldn't take the cold," one of them said. "He just gave in. He's dead."

At that moment, something in Feng snapped. He'd always been aggressive before, but this time was different. It was personal. He summoned all of his strength and, just before being forced under the surface of the water again, he turned and brought a fist down into one of the men's faces. They released him, stumbling back from the shock of the blow, and pulled a knife from his belt.

Feng drew his own knife, which had been tossed on the ground mere inches from where he was being tortured. He coaxed the fire to connect to him once again and sent a jet of flame into the nearest man's face. He covered his face with his hands, and looked up with a severely burned face, rage all over it.

"Get him!" He shouted. "He burned me! Get him!" The men ran towards Feng, but he sent another jet of flame across the distance between them, sweeping it back at forth to keep the men at bay. He then sent the fire just a few more feet forward and burned them all. They stumbled back, and he pushed forward, then raised his knife and buried it in the neck of the first man before pulling it free and shoving the already blood-soaked blade into the next man's chest. He released a few more quick bursts of flame at the third man before throwing the knife into his chest.

Feng approached the last man, the one who had been burned first, with a slow, deliberate pace. When he finally reached him, he grabbed him by the throat and asked the fire to devour the man's soul. In seconds, he was engulfed in flames. He didn't even have time to scream. Then, there was nothing left. Feng turned to the three bodies and kicked the first one into the river where they had been torturing Feng just minutes ago, then pulled the second man's arms to his sides and rolled him in. Then, he approached the last body and removed his knife from his body before rolling his body into the river, as well.

Feng ran over to his father's body and put his ear to his chest. He heard faint, shallow breathing. He picked his father up and carried him back to the village, where some kinder people helped carry him to their home and lay him in bed. He never woke up.

The End

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