Lushife Nara

Lushife stood on the very outskirts of the burning town, he watched happily as the slaughter continued. He wondered to himself whether he should join in on the chaos. The answer was obviously Lushife loved the thrill of a fight and even better the spread of blood as it left flesh. Lushife licked his lips as he tore off into the midst of battle. Lushife cared little for the villages problems it was only a great excuse to kill some people who truly deserved death's scythe.

Within minutes Lushife entered the battle small daggers formed in his hands curved towards him, they were fashioned from water which Lushife could control and then turn to ice. He spun around cutting through a soldiers shoulder spraying blood behind him. With a quick turn he kicked the soldier into the ground he was smiling, smiling madly.  The soldier cowered trying to distance himself from the insane water wielder. 

"Its futile, one who has become deaths servant won't let anyone he chooses to kill to just get away!" He laughed maniacally as he through the dagger into the man's heart killing him instantly. The heat coming from the ground was evaporating the water in the air making things a little harder. Not that Lushife was bothered by taking the blood from his most recent victim.  A small child watched in horror as the soldiers blood began to float in Lushife's hand forming a frozen ice dagger.

"This is your future kid." Lushife said darkly," The only way to survive is to accept the blood thirsty demon within!"

He then took off towards  a two of soldiers who had surrounded a poor family ready to strike them down, He jumped in the middle of them striking all their weapons away from the family, the soldiers jumped back in the surprise of his speed.  Lushife then proceeded to jump around twisting his body and thinning out his daggers into a line of water like a chain and span around decapitating the soldiers heads.  Blood spattered all around. Lushife watched the moment with great pleasure as the blood hit the faces of the relieved and horrified family's face's.

"Get that one under control!" A commander ordered one of his subordinates spitting brutally at him.

Lushife licked in his lips darkly as he landed back on his feet waiting for this next victim to come at him! To Lushife; today was a gift, he could really let loose and show of his psychopathic murderous tendencies and not be scorned by his own kind for it.

"Yes come to your death." Lushife whispered bringing his dagger to his face in preparation.

The End

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