Aither: DestinyMature

It's funny how when you meet your fate you arent given any advice, any sense of direction. No, instead you are thrown onto a horse and told to ride until you reach the Capital. Told not to stop for anything.

The wind was on my side, at least. The white mare on which I rode moved swiftly across the countryside, further away from the Air temple, from all I'd ever known, and towards the great palace that housed the center of our entire universe.

Head mage. I shuddered at the thought. They'd told me that the very world in which we lived was in grave danger. And somehow I was to play some part in saving it? I certainly had my doubts about that. And upon my return, the temple would become mine, and all the air mages would turn to me for guidance. 

Everything about Raphia-Paria was beautiful. The endless fields of green was dotted with flowers in every color imaginable. The sky above me was held up by towering trees in the distance, the forest in which both the elves and the earth mages lived. Every part of the realm was connected, earth to sky to water to air to the very spirit within us. And all the lights and all the shadows brought to it the full circle of magic.

When at last the glistening spires of the palace came into view, I slowed the horse and took a deep breath. As new air filled my lungs, I felt a sense of revival. The world now rested at my feet. But was I ready to conquer it?

The End

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