Kaios Ti: The TruthMature

I knew as soon as I had taken the Shadow Knife  from him that Master Senka's heart  had stopped beating. Surprisingly in his death, the old shadow master was no longer terrifying. His fierce expression had left his body along with his spirit. Now the body that lay on Master Senka's bed looked haggard and incredibly old.


With a sigh that echoed throughout my body, I turned away from his bed and exited the room. Suddenly I felt so very tired and exhaustion was pulling me to the cubboard I had come to know as my bedroom. I dragged my feet across the wooden floor and walked in. It was a struggle. I had to carefully manuover my midnight coloured wings in order to avoid them being torn off, but eventually I forced my way in and flicked the light switch.


The ancient light hummed its usually droan and dimly lit up my room. Everything was impecibly neat despite the cramped space. It was not because I had a serious case of OCD (I'm a teenage boy for G-d sake!) but the fact that I had to if I wanted to avoid a beating from my neat freak Master.


An ivory envelope caught my eye. It was laying on my bed. On its front my name was scrawled in my Master's handwriting. My tireness faded away and was replaced with curiousity. I reached towards it and teared open the envelope. Inside was a letter no doubt and I had to read through it twice before I could absorb all the information.


Shadow Master Kaios Ti,

                                                 You have been given a great honour and along with this you have been burdened with a great responsibility. So take heed, my heir, and make your choices wisely. If you take the path that I have taken - control people by fear - then prepare to die alone.


 I must tell you that I did not tell you the whole truth of your inheritance. Your mother was a princess and your father was a soldier - not of royal blood. Because of this, your mother was forced to leave you in my care. I'm afraid I cannot tell you more for my knowledge does not extend that far.


Now read, and read carefully: you must go to Capital City. Only there will you progress further as a Shadow Master and you may find out more of how you came to existence.


                                            Do not disappoint me Kaios Ti. Show me that I

                                              have done at least one right thing in my life,


Sybal Senka

The End

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