Alena: FlashbacksMature

I stared at the road in front of me, trying to focus on the present instead of this morning's events. I closed my eyes, surrendering momentarily to the throbbing headache that had bugged me since I had left the temple this morning. I recalled what had happened:

 I walked toward the alter, knowing what was happening. They had summoned me from the roof and caught me totally unprepared. Well, not totally unprepared, but still... why did they have to do it at one in the morning? Their excuse was because it was that the need for a head mage was too urgent to ignore any more, and that they'd had a message from the capital.

So they'd had the ceremony. All the necessary words were spoken, all the right incantations worked, the ritual completed to perfection. They had given me the head mage's staff and cloak. Well, they were mine now. I represent all things light.

And now I was on my white horse, heading alone  to Capital City.

The End

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