Neil: Capital city?Mature

 I follow my Uncle Terrence through open halls of blue walls, wondering what happened that was so serious and why did the counsel want to see me? I pause feeling a cold sensation on my back where my wings used to be until I shattered them when they turned to ice,and I fell back onto them during training.

"Terrence stop." I gasp feeling Ice coursing through my veins slowly becoming visible on my bare arms, pain shoots from every part of my body, each breath becoming more shallow. He turns around with a peeved look on his face, but when he saw me it quickly changed to concern. My legs buckle my heart pounding trying to keep the blood flowing, even though it was freezing. He puts his hand on my chest the blood slowly turning back to a liquid the pain slowly disappearing.

" Is it getting more frequent?" He asks helping me up, glad that no one had seen that.

"A bit, I guess part of me hasn't quite forgiven myself...for what I did.."

"Don't relive that day Neil, now is not the time." Terrence says quickly, and I comply , but still dwelling on memories after that day. Continuing forwards, up a intricate spiralling staircase full of water carved statues depicting some ancient history that I had taken some keen interest. My eyes sweep right seeing the hero Tarol the fire mage who had apparently saved the queen, although I knew quite well he was greatly exaggerated folk hero, he was more of a secret joke among some rather humorous historians.

"Neil, come on stop looking around and get up here." Terrence says softly.

"Right." I take my eyes off Tarol walking up the final set of stairs into a grand hall with  a huge water fountain at the end of it, which poured water into various water ways leading all over the temple. The counsel sat in the middle of room at an oval shaped table with a pool of water in the middle. Each of the counsel member greeting Terrence and I.

"Thank you Terrence, you are dismissed." Korta said. Korta is the head counsel, and even though she was older then the rest of the counsel members she looked much younger which caught many people and even some of the counsel members off guard.

"You wanted to see me, Ma'am,and sirs." I say trying my best to be respectful but not really knowing how.

"Yes we have heard some horrible news from the capital, and we've been forced to make hastened decision but we are confident you can handle the duties of a head mage."

"What?" I said not registering the title and responsibilities I was given.

"You're the new head mage for us." Korta says with complete trust in me.

"Thanks." I say unsure if I should be happy or worried that I can't handle the responsibilities.

"Normally we would be having a ceremony but its best that it is done this way, you will have a ceremony when you return." Korta says, and I grin with though of not having to worry about crowds.

"Everyone is now dismissed, but Neil I would like to talk to you for a moment after everyone has left." Korta says quickly, I stood still nodding or saying a humble thank you to the passing counsel members congratulating me on my new position.

"Neil, I am supposed to give this to you during the ceremony." She hands me a metal pin which is enchanted, it supposedly making it easier to call and control water for me, " But I feel with current events, that you will be safer having this on you. Also use this if what happens to you in the hall happens again." She puts something warm and triangular in my other hand, " I suggest you get packing and head for the capital right now." Then she walks away leaving my shocked. How did she know that happened?

The End

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