Terra: Solitude is blissMature


I was only 9 and had fallen of my horse. I remember drifting in and out of consciousness. I could hear a sweet familiar voice, urging me to wake up, I held on to it with a vicious grip, determined not to let it go. I remember that my eyes weighed a ton, but I opened them and peeked through my eyelashes. A woman sat next to me. And as my vision un-blurred I recognised her as my mother. I blinked again, unable to believe my eyes. My mother had died when I was 7. She spoke with authority. “Darling Terra, you have a great destiny to be had.” Her voice got quieter till it was just a whisper, just a forgotten memory. “You shall see...”


I sighed with contentment, being surrounded by Earth, my element, always soothed me. I was sat at the base of a big tree; it warped up, its big leaves gave me shade. With my legs crossed, I stared out on the bewildering horizon that lay in front of me. It was amazing; the soft green swirls that danced through the deep forest seem to twist and sing, pulsing with poignant vitality that made the tips of my fingers tingle with an ecstatic energy. My dark green wings shook gently, echoing my joy. My dress was a dark green corset that was tight around my waist and had soft silk that trailed on the floor. It clung to my curves nicely. Standing up slowly so I could savour the rich soil between my toes, I brushed my red hair out of my light brown eyes.  I felt free.

One of the Earth servants rushed towards me, carefully averting her gaze, “Mistress, The High Mage sends for you.” She said. She bowed deeply and scurried back towards the entrance. I picked myself up, annoyed that I was disturbed, and started towards the temple, wondering what on Earth was going on.

The End

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