I stood in a gorgeous hall of blue pillars that shone with a mystic ambiance , but of course the beauty wasn't the main attraction in the hall at the moment, it was Jole, and I with our eyes locked together in combat. Only a moment ago he challenged me in desperation after hearing of my nomination for head mage. I couldn't turn the challenge down due to my sense of honour. I would be dishonoured if I said no to the challenge.

"Begin." A voice booms. Half a second later a wave of water erupts from the floor. I thought it was a bit unfair to make such a move so early in the duel, but in my own way I knew this fight was heavily one sided. I  freeze the wave just before it crashes down on me. I counter by forming both two elegant ices blades with a round hand guard that resembled a sharp snowflake, both blades reaching 3 feet out and being 6 inches across.With my left I make a sweeping movement which made the frozen wave crumble away, Jole standing behind it now trying a different strategy.  I walk forwards slicing or freezing every attack that comes at me until both my blades stop at his neck, my cold blue eyes showing nothing but pure satisfaction, while his show fear, I turn the blades vertically and have them explode drenching Jole.

"What happened for being happy for each others accomplishments, Jole?" I say coldly, turning away.

The crowd unfortunetly doesn't die off, many still lingering around to either mock Jole, or to follow me around trying to talk to me. I ignore the compliments, or the simple small talk from the girls. I just wished to make it threw the crowd to talk to my uncle who is the one of the few I trust completely.

"Neil great work! I can see why they nominated you."

"So elegantly done it was like seeing a river.." Why don't they shut up with their endless prattle? What I really did there was destroy Jole's honour , but it was necessary to keep my own, still it was not a thing of beauty.

"Thanks, can you excuse me please? I have places to go." I say being quite friendly despite how unfriendly I felt inside.

I finally make my way through the crowd to my uncle who had a grin that reached ear to ear.

"I would compliment you but if I boosted your ego anymore, you may not feel worthy to talk to me anymore." He laughed.

"Shut up, you know as well as I do, that I would prefer to be left alone."

"That's why I'm surprised you made it this far. Anyways you are needed up in the counselings hall, right now I've been sent to get you."


"They didn't tell me but made it clear it was urgent."  He said his face turning quite serious.

The End

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