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 I get on one of the finest boats that the temple of water had to guide me to the capital, or the centre of the universe, either way I was left alone to my own devices which lead off to a small town North of the temple of water, horrible memories of my childhood flashed to mind causing me jump slightly. I had to let go but it seemed impossible my actions.  I reach into my pocket looking at the warm triangular object, it was a orange stone with one faint line running vertically across it. It must of been an object from the fire temple it just didn't seem like a typical item to have in the water temple.

Hours later the stream brings me out of the mountains and into a flat land dotted with small villages, I had never been this far away from home, and in some ways I was ashamed of myself not seeing such country before, each place had shown beauty in its own way, and it each place had distracted me from my duties, that when I arrived I had to be reminded of what I was needed here for. I took it all in, I will do my best to prove I can do this but I am unsure about my worsening condition I can. I follow an escort into a round room table and in the middle a table with nine chairs a few others had arrived before me, watching me, looking into cold blue eyes. I keep them on the floor, they were not assets when it came to making new friends.


After a short talk about Raphia-Paria's situation a new discussion arose about us saving the world, it really was a lot of responsibility that already was place on our shoulders,and now this seemed entirely insane, however I didn't open my mouth to keep myself an undetermined personality.

"So where do we start, do we even know where Alexis is?"

" What if we fail, why such little numbers?"

Now it just seemed like we were to impatient and missed a greater part of the speech.

"Please allow me to explain if you all would quiet down." The elder man drowned the others out," There has been sightings of nightstalkers at the black castle. We suggest you start there. As for the fear of failing you are all the skilled mages of your temples, and not only that you show greater potential, and leadership skills, you will see in time."

I looked up at the other six mages all different expressions on all of their faces, all of them new comrades, and all of us did not know if we could trust any of them.

The End

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