*Pre-decided Collab*

The world is in ruins. Darkness has engulfed. The great fairy queen Evangeline has been taken captive, and in her place her younger sister Alexis has declared herself ruler. Destruction is at hand.

Now, it's up to seven mages to come together, to brave the vast expanses of the world and to rescue the queen. Together they must restore all that is good to the realm of Raphia-Paria. Will they succeed, or will the kingdoms succumb to shadows?

The Mages:

Ophelia: Spirit: LiesAndCatchyHooks

Terra: Earth: SophieJones

Seraphina: Fire: weirdmagic

Neil: Water: chimerakiller2

Aither: Air: LiesAndCatchyHooks

Kaios: Shadow: Lexiehar

Alena: Light: Quesse

Enter the world...face the peril...whisper.  

The End

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