nathan banshee

The national guard was the place people would look for as a safe haven.Nathan banshee was the only missing person at the facillity.He expected that there would be riots at the facillity.So he got in a small black hawk helicopter that had no system connection.But luckly it's engine had been running so he could still take off.He entered the pilots seat when a loud crack alearted him a group of people had broken the fence and were hoping to get a ride on his coppter.Nathan grabbed the throttle and through it forward!The acceleration of the copters rotors coud be felt In his seat.Three people charged at him,one leaped and got a grasp on the skids as the helicoppter lifted off."get off!' Nathan yelled.Without the computor stabilizers keeping the helicopter stabillized completely the mans weight woud disrupt the flight!"please at least save my daughter" the man begged.Nathan thought for a moment then said"alright I will carry you your daughter and one other person.The man let go and landed on the ground from a 2meter drop.Nathan landed the black hawk as the people clambored in.

The End

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