Lizzy Goldsmith

"Don't move or your screwed!" someone said, completely calm.

Lizzy Goldsmith was frozen, standing right outside a door.  She didn't know what to say back to the man.  She was just so thirsty her throught hurt. 

She slowly mustered up the courage to answer.  "Please don't kill me!"  She called back nervous and anxiously. "I've been traveling for so long!"

"Put your hands on your head and walk inside."  The man called, more softly this time.

She walked in, her hands on her head, not wanting to die at 26.  "Please, sir, I only want water.  I know you probably hear that a lot, but please!"  She said hopefully. 

He looked at her with suspicion.  "Did anyone follow you here?  Someone could be waiting a hundred yards away!" 

Her sharp ears picked up on something about his sentence.  Although he didn't have a strong accent, he was obviously American, because of his use of "Yards," instead of "Meters."

"No one followed me, I promise!"  She said dropping to her knees.  She was just so thirsty.

There was a long pause.  She wondered what he was thinking.  Finally, he answered.  "You can have some water and stay a few days, but I don't take visitors.  Got it?"

"Yes!"  she yelled in .  "I do!"

The End

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