In the near future, a new kind of technology is braught to light. Electro Magnetic Pulse (or EMP.) It is a kind of bomb, but isn't intended for killing. Egniting it would completely drain large areas of all of their electricity. Inevidably, it all goes wrong.

James walked into the room.  He had just turned twenty a few days ago, and was having a huge party on his college campus.  All of his good friends would be there. 

He walked into the room, smiling as all of his lights suddenly flipped on and baloons flew.  They had been waiting there to supprise. 

Everyone screamed happybirthday at the same time, but just as they did, the light flickered back off and there was a loud zap sound as the power to the entire college went out. 

A few people screamed at the power going off, frightened at the enitial scare.

James remaind completely calm, looking out the window.  Everyone started laughing, and coming up to him, congradulating him on his 20th, and laughing at the irony of the moment.

"Hey!  happy birthday, you old fart!  This sure does bite the big one, doesn't it?"  A few said.

James laughed along with them, as they all eventually got out the flashlights and started lighting candles.

That was exactly the moment it happened, and the beggining of the pain. . . .


James awoke, looking up at the rusted, ruffled sheet-medal roof over the werehouse, a few holes in it and rays of light shining through.  He got up, pulling his 45 Winchester out of its holster on his hip.  He often slep with it, in case of bandits of or theives.  He looked around, seeing his usual living space, with some water boiling in the corner on a fire fuled by wooden logs.  It was nothing but ashes at this point.

James was 21 years old, and one of the only survivores, after the EMP explosion had knocked out electricity to nearly all the world.

there was a sudden sound coming from outside, which echoed through the entire werehouse.  He suddenly whipped his gun up, pointing it in the directiong, cocking the gun.

"Don't move or your screwed!"  James called, completely calm.  He just excpected another bandit who'd somehow servived until now, simply looking for water.  James would ask him to leave, and he would . . . or he wouldn't and James would blow his brains out.  This wasn't the first time he'd killed, it is the natural end of life. 

There was no response.


This is a roleplay, and you all probably know the rules by now, unless your new, so I'll go through them as quickly as possible.

1.  your character can join at any time, and is a character who has somehow servived in a world where electricity is scarce.  It is possible to use, but there is no reall sorce, unless you some how get one.

2.  Don't make your character the star of the show. 

3.  No superhuman powers or superpowers.  this isn't land of the "Whole bunch of random characters who happen to be almost immortal."

4.  I thi---(fastforward  >> to the end . . .)

2000000.  This is not in any preticular place or continent.  I thought long and hard about how the EMP war was started, some ideas being better than others, but ultimately figured that it was too hard to explain all the ways.  So I guess I'll just leave where this place is to the Imagination, along with how these wars got started, wether a terrorrist attack or a world war.

The End

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