hopelessly outnumberedMature

                                                                 Chapter Eleven


                                                                 Word Count: 838

There were too many, they were outnumbered.

They were going to die.

They were coming from every direction, hordes of the demons and it seemed improbable that any of them were going to survive this. Even Judah, with his supernatural strength and impeccable skills wasn’t going to be a match for this small army. Blood decorated the ground from the dead and dying demons Judah were dispatching one after the other.

Something grabbed Tara’s shoulder and she spun around, plunging the serrated blade of her knife deep into the gut of the demon. She couldn’t even think about what she was doing, how hopeless their situation looked; for if she did she was sure she would die. They were all fighting, Mikah with a combination of fists and knives, Judah with guns in both hands, and Tara with her blade. But there were so many.

They kept in tight formation and faced the onslaught constantly charging towards them.

The demons were strong and partially invisible which set a massive disadvantage for the small group trying to kill them. Tara didn’t allow herself to think about anything but fighting, surviving. She would kill one demon only to be faced with double that. She brought the blade through the air, arcing it towards her assailants, killing them swiftly and then immediately moving onto the next.

‘Tara!’ Mikah’s voice carried through the air and she didn’t even have time to turn around before something charged into her from behind. Pain exploded over her body like fireworks, warm liquid spilling over her back. She struggled, attempting to throw off her attacker but it was too strong. She was going to be killed. The demon was scratching and biting at her, attempting to go for her throat. She managed to roll onto her back and keep the demon at arm’s length. Its invisibility device had worn off completely; murderous eyes bore into her and she couldn’t help but think about the time she was attacked in the alley only to have Judah save her. That was only a few days ago.

She managed to grab her blade and simultaneously shift her body so she had a better angle at which to bring the weapon straight through the creature’s head. She shoved the dead body off her and stood up, immediately ready.

The danger was slowing down though, Judah had killed a good majority of the demons and even Mikah, with his impatient and slightly cowardly disposition had managed to look after himself. Soon enough, the grunting of the fighters and the gunshots had come to a complete halt. For a long moment, they each stood there, taking a chance to regain their breath and calm down.

‘What the hell was that?’ Mikah finally managed to speak.

‘It seemed to be a small army. They’re getting stronger,’ Tara responded, trying to see how much damage her back had taken. She touched the ripped fabric and felt blood, wincing in pain.

They weren’t looking. They weren’t fully alert. That’s how the demon had managed to sneak up on the trio and grab Tara, who happened to be the nearest, and throw her to the ground. A gunshot rang out, a bullet from Judah that missed the demon, which then responded by bringing its clenched fist straight up into Judah’s gut. Puncturing skin with sharp claws, it managed to do a fair bit of damage before Mikah grabbed the demon and wrestled it away. Tara sat up, disorientated and could only watch as the demon picked Mikah up by the throat as if he were nothing more than an irritating insect and hold him high in the air.

Mikah’s panicked eyes fell onto Tara’s, an unspoken look that Tara would never forget.

The demon squeezed, its grip twisted slightly and a loud crack filled the air. Mikah’s eyes went dull. His lifeless body fell to the ground.

‘No,’ Tara whispered.

The demon advanced towards Tara, who could only watch, paralyzed. Another gunshot rang out and the demon jerked suddenly, stopped then fell to its knees, a small bloody hole appearing above his eyes. Judah’s bullet hadn’t missed this time.

Tara scrambled towards Mikah, felt his chest. It wasn’t moving. His head faced her but it was at a sickening angle. His neck had been broken.

She didn’t cry, she couldn’t. Memories flashed in her mind; the first time she had met Mikah, how scared he had been. The first time he had saved her life, the first of many times. The comfort they provided one another as their group were picked off one by one. Both of them going on the run in a desperate attempt to survive. The lessons he had given her, basic survival skills. How to work a gun. How to use a knife. How to smile in times of chaos.

For the longest time, she just sat there.

Footsteps behind her. Judah’s voice. ‘We have to go.’ He was gentle but insistent.

‘Goodbye Mikah.’ She kissed his forehead lightly and stood up.

The End

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