Pulse pt. 2Mature

 The lights flickered as the city re-distributed power away from a primary engine to a back up engine. Alice, however, did feel it. Shaking her head, she vaulted over the bar and casually walked on a narrow staircase leading upstairs. She reached the top and looked to her left, smirking as the bartender talked through a wooden door. Casually, she pushed him out of the way. The bartender hesitantly mumbled "It's lock-"

Eden easily slipped past the clubs firewalls and opened the door for Alice. Alice kept moving gracefully forward, eyes scanning the room. A large desk sat in front of her, with a skinny bald man sitting behind it. Alice smiled "Brian."

Brian face twitched with annoyance at her presence, then settled back to normal. A voice came from behind Alice "Something wrong?"

Alice spun around, facing a man with a black coat. She thought shit, he was leaning beside the door. 

The man was folding his arms, smiling at Alice. He grinned "Nice dress. Bet it gets you into most places."

Alice felt a twinge of annoyance. The man was looking at her as if she were insignificant, nothing. Scowling, she stated "I have business with Brian which trumps yours. Either fuck of now or go freefalling."

The man clicked his tongue, shaking his head. Taking a step forwards, he easily withdrew a badge. He stated "I'm special agent Donald with EID."

Alice felt a chill go down her spine. Taking a step back, she swallowed "Ah, don't worry, I can talk to him later."

Donald gestured to a wooden chair "Please, don't worry about it. Me and Brian go a long way back. A friend of Brian is a friend of mine."

Alice pretended to ignore Donald as she walked up to Brian. She slapped him across the face, hard. Giving him the finger, Alice walked out of the office. Donald laughed "Can't win them all."

Brian chuckled "Ya go' tha' righ'... jus' my luck I suppose." 

Alice wiped the sweat of her brow, exhaling in relief. Eden asked "How did you know?"

Alice mumbled "There was a faint mark on his finger where a ring should have been." She pushed the exit doors open. "I didn't count on him... laughing."

Eden moved the subject "Brian has his share of competitors on the lower half of the city. Your best bet is a Swiss man called Reaper. Unfortunately, he doesn't speak English." 

Alice smiled "Thanks for that." 



The End

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