Pulse pt. 1Mature

Her eyes scanned the nearby rooftops. Running, she jumped and fell twenty feet, slamming into the hard concrete. She rolled as she had hundreds of times before, mechanically getting onto her feet and running again. Alice jumped of the edge of this building, feet dangling in mid-air. An alley approached her with frightening speed, but as she fell into the alley she slowed. A very faint blue light surrounded her as a second hand gravity tether slowed her fall. She softly landed on her toes, asking "Is Brian still working out of Pulse?"

A hobo sleeping behind a garbage bin woke up and looked at Alice. Edens voice filled her auditory implant  "... yes, however he seems to be ducking all of his old clients. His new ones are making sure he stays highly exclusive."

Alice sub-consciously nodded "Right, I'll just change my appearance."

With that, she slid open a fake panel in the ground, pulled out her dress and walked twelve feet to the main street. She took a right and walked past a half block long line up. Smirking, she showed the guard her executive pass- then walked in as a fat man screamed "You let HER in?!"

Alice avoided the next set of double doors in front of her, instead moving to the womens bathroom on her left. Moving into a stall, she donned her dress, high heels, straightened and chemically died her hair red. Next, she put in vibrant blue contacts and a face mask to change her facial features. Satisfied, she walked out of the bathroom, taking a left through the double doors into Utopia's most exclusive night club. Pulse. 

The floors vibrated as heavy dubstep played. Half a hundred people danced on a crowded, LCD floor displaying everything from marine life to what it was when Alice entered. The surface of the sun. Grinning, Alice confidently walked into the club with her three thousand credit dress. It changed according to the rooms changing colours, not enough to hide her, but more than enough to give of an interesting first impression. 

Alice gracefully danced through the crowd, blending in perfectly as she made her way to the bar. Panting, she sat on a stool. A bartender asked as he looked at her chest "What will it be?"

Keeping a straight face, Alice yelled "Your boss."

He sheepishly said "If you hang with me instead, days drinks are on me."

Alice punched his nose, "Get your boss now or you'll find yourself in free fall."

He put a hand over his bloody nose and nodded, walking away. Eden asked "Was that necessary?"

Alice grinned "No... but it felt good. Are you tracking the bartender?"

Eden said with annoyance "I am currently running thirty six separate attacks on the clubs firewalls while running FRS and researching everyone present in the club. Please refrain from asking stupid questions."

For a moment, Alice had an urge to rip her auditory implants out. A mix of embarrassment and anger filled her next question "Is he there yet?"

"He is currently knocking on an office door... no surveillance detected inside. Sixty percent chance that Brian is currently inside."

The End

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