Sanctuary pt. 3Mature

The wall to Alices right wasn't really a wall- more like a massive LED TV. It automatically dimmed and brightened according to the time of day, allowing her to keep an even sleep cycle every day. A sun slowly rose over the bottom of the TV, bright enough to actually cast dim rays of light across her bed. Half an hour passed and it came into full view, bright enough now to shine through her blanket and wake her up. Alice groaned, rubbing her eyes. Eva sighed "Ahh, you're awake. While you were sleeping, I found another potential artifact recovered recently on the planet. That's as far as I could get, please contact me if you can find something out about it."

Alice sat up, mumbling "You mean when."

"No, pretty sure I meant if."

Alice ignored her AI, stood up, showered, dressed and walked into an empty room adjacent to the bedroom. A single steel ladder extended towards a hatch. As Alice opened the hatch, a familiar tugging sensation filled her whole body. Above her head, a six foot wide tunnel with purple and white particles grouped in close proximity zoomed forwards, leaving a beautiful, light blue, watery stream. Alice let go of the ladder and felt herself get pulled into the tunnel. The streams curved around her as she accelerated towards the city, faster and faster. Suddenly, she blew through a hatch and tumbled onto four old mattresses on the roof of an abandoned apartment building. The hatch sealed back up at half the normal speed, burdened with a soft, thick rubber. Alice stood up and walked to the edge of the building, observing the pits of the city. Thousands of old concrete buildings were in bad shape, with gargoyles and fires from gangs on top of many. On the streets below, a few brave cops patrolled in their armoured cars, rarely stopping a crime. In the alleys, drug cooked for the ninety thousand homeless.

Yes, this is Utopia, what used to be the finest part of the entire city-at least when it first launched half a century ago. Plague, war, famine and natural disasters on an international scale had taken their toll and the rich knew a way out. They spent their money on thousands of engineers to design a city which could harvest hydrogen from the sky. After thirty years, the engines were ready and the first part of the city launched- Utopia. Filled with the best accomodations money could buy, the rich prospered. But, more sections of the city began to launch- additions to Utopia and a century later, the whole city became Eden. The rich moved to better accomadations in better districts, gloating of their luxuries while the poor stayed in Utopia, quardined of by the fearful controlling the police. And so, Utopia was given over to lesser men. 

The End

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