Sanctuary pt. 2Mature

Alice shut the TV of and microwaved some cold noodles from the fridge. She opened up a door to her room where she sat on her bed, gobbling down the noodles. She put the noodles down beside her bed and slowly layed back, making the mistake of using her arms to slow the fall. Her arms gave out, smacking her head against the mattress. Alice's vision swam from a mixture of physical and mental exhaustion coupled with the minor impact. Within seconds, the world turned black. 

A pot fell to the floor, echoing throughout the Sanctuary. Alice opened her eyes,     letting her arm fall to her beds side. Moaning, she rubbed her eyes. In the back round instead of silence was a pot falling to the ground. She looked at her white door and cringed as a hollow voice screamed behind it. Alice tried to move, but stopped as elevation took hold. Her bed rose into the air, along with her cabinet, window drapes, wax dolls and an in-active bedside lamp. The lamps bulb shattered and the door allowed a dark shapes entrance.

"-ke up! Alice, wake up!"

Alice groaned, blinking at her LCD ceiling. A lit song half done played as fireworks and abstract light danced across her ceiling. Eva sighed "You were... screaming. Are you okay?"

Alice pushed her blond hair out of her mouth and mumbled "Ya, I'm good." 

Eva stated "I am also equipped to deal with psychological probl-"

"Eva, I'm fine."

"Very well, pleasant dreams."

Scowling, Alice tossed her blanket over her head, wide eyed with a fear she felt but could not remember.

The End

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